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Fair Sale



Everyday Fair Sale Pricing

We've expanded our Fair Sale philosophy this season. We've introduced product pre-sale reservations in the service of reducing waste, and increasing transparency all while making it easier to get you the gear you want, at a more affordable price.

You can read more about our thinking here.

Some of the gear might look familiar this season, but take another look and you'll see a big change. We've dropped many our prices significantly. We started Owner Operator in 2008 with the goal of making great gear that lived up to our lofty ideals of creativity and independence. Somewhere along the way we realized we were "in business". Business is lovely, in fact most times without business you can't keep doing what you're doing for long.

We did however find ourselves inadvertently sucked into the whirlpool of sales, holidays, promotions, and so on. Sitting around and waiting for the things you really want today to go on sale tomorrow to save a little cash seems to be the modern way of the world.

Our gear is designed and built to last. We're not a fast-fashion company, and a parka we manufactured a year ago is every bit as great as the day it was born. Rather than dump our unsold inventory on the market at a rock-bottom discount at the first sign of Spring, we shelved it for a while. Now the snow is falling, and we're bringing it back to you.

We're stepping out of the sales hustle and bustle this season, keeping things simple and fair, and focusing on building awesome new gear for the future.

Thank you all for your support!


Pete & Steven